CREST Journal

On behalf of the editorial team of CREST (Case REport in acute care Surgery and Trauma) Journal,
we would like to invite papers reporting case reports and case series in Acute Care Surgery and
Trauma (ACS&T).
CREST is an international, peer-reviewed journal devoted to expanding the quality of care in the
scientific field of ACS&T by publishing articles reporting clinical cases in this study area.
A case report is generally considered a type of anecdotal and, for this reason, unreliable evidence.
Given their methodological restrictions, including the absence of statistical sampling, case reports
are positioned at the lowermost of the pyramid of clinical evidence, together with case series.
Nonetheless, case reports have, and have had, valuable roles in medical research and evidence-
based medicine. The 17% of case reports and the 33% of case series published by Lancet in 1996-
1997 were followed by clinical trials.
In particular, ACS&T makes it very difficult to produce evidence of the highest levels, so case
reports can be very useful, but they are often difficult to be published.
Furthermore, the quality of the scientific reporting of case reports is inconstant, and suboptimal
reporting is frequent. CREST will follow the CARE (i.e. CAse REport) guidelines, which contain a
reporting checklist that is listed on the EQUATOR Network, an international initiative aimed at
promoting transparent and accurate reporting to enhance the value and reliability of medical
research literature.
CREST is published using an Open Access publication model, meaning that all interested readers
can freely access the journal online at without the need for a
subscription, and authors retain the copyright of their work.
Open Access publishing does have its costs. However, as a promotional activity, selected articles
accepted for publication in CREST will be published completely exempt from any charge.
Before submission, please review the journal's Author Guidelines, which are located at
Thank you,
CREST Editorial Board