The role of robotic surgery in emergency setting

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Dear WSES Member,
Following the WSES Position Paper on Robotic Surgery in the Emergency Setting we are delighted
to invite you to participate in the following study:

The role of robotic surgery in emergency setting

Recently the World Society of Emergency Surgery (WSES) position paper stated that an emergency
setting should not be seen as a contraindication for robotic surgery if adequate training of the
operating surgical team is available.
Even if Robotic surgery in emergency settings may be considered only in highly selected clinically
stable patients and urgent operations needs to be implanted without creating scheduling conflicts
in the occupation of the operating room, pros of Robotic Surgery in the emergency setting have
been pointed out in challenging situations, which are foreseen as a reason for conversion to open
surgery if operating in laparoscopy and in the future possible implementation of tele-mentoring
and telesurgery which could be useful to promote a safe and standardized application of robotics,
also in low-volume centers or specific environments.
Additionally a cost analysis should be stated as necessary to provide generalizability of robotic
surgery in the emergency.
Please find enclosed the projects’ outline. If you are willing to participate, the databases will be
sent to you to be completed further.
All contributing centers will appear among the co-authors of the article that we aim to publish.
The number of co-authors for each center and Author's list will be decided according to the
number of patients included, but a minimum of 2 co-authors will be guaranteed for each center.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.
The contact person to communicate the willing to participate is:
Marco Milone –

On Behalf of WSES
Marco Milone University of Naples Federico II
Fausto Catena

Steering Committee
Marco Milone, Pieto Anoldo, Luca Ansaloni, Graziano Ceccarelli, Federico Coccolini, Dimitris
Damaskos, Nicola De Angelis, Giovanni De Palma, Jim Khan, Yoram Kluger, Ernest Moore, Luca
Morelli, Massimo Sartelli, Carlo Vallicelli, Biffl Walter, Fausto Catena.