EASC – Emergency Abdominal Surgery Course


Student EASC Courses
Jan 14th – Letterkenny, Ireland
Director: Michael Sugrue

May 27th – Nafplion, Greece
Director: Michael Sugrue


EASC Courses

February 4th – Cork, Ireland
Director : Michael Sugrue

May 28th – Nafplion, Greece
Director : P. Vassiliu

June 14th – Calgary Canada
Director : S. Rizoli

July 26th – Auckland, New Zealand
Director: L Shee


EASC courses run in 2016:


10th EASC course
April 1st – Dublin, Ireland
Director : Michael Sugrue

11th EASC course
July 26th – Donegal, Ireland
Director: Michael Sugrue

12th EASC course
August 16th – Colombo, Sri Lanka
Director: Rangith Ellawalla

13th EASC course
November 5th – Campinas, Brazil
Director: Gustavo Fraga

14th EASC course
November 8th – Maceio, Brazil
Director : Gustavo Fraga

15th EASC Course
November 26th – Funchal, Madera
Directors : Carlos Mesquita/Pedro Ramos


Previous course programs:

Emergency Surgery Course Final Program the one

Emergency Surgery Course Flyer 2014 Dublin March 28th

Emergency Surgery Course Flyer Dublin Final February 17th 2015

Dublin (Ireland), April 1st, 2016

s-EASC, STUDENT COURSE, Letterkenny (Ireland), January 23rd, 2016

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