FIAT Courses project

WSES launches a comprehensive educational initiative envisioned to expose the participant to various topics an emergency surgeon encounters in his daily work: Full Immersion in Acute care surgery and Trauma. The first edition is scheduled in 2018.
Participants can attend two courses of this program:

M.I.C. – Management of Intraabdominal complicated Infections; Chair: M. Sartelli

A.E.E.S. -Advanced Evidences in Emergency Surgery Chair: F Catena

E.A.S.C. – Emergency Abdominal Surgery Course, Chair: M. Sugrue

P.E.A.C.E. -Preparedness and Education of Acute care surgeons to mass Casualties Emergencies, Chair: Y. Kluger

B.E.T.S. – Basic Evidences in Trauma Surgery Chair: F Coccolini

I.C.E. – Intensive Care for Emergency Surgeons course; Chair: W. Biffl

Upon completion of the course the participant will master knowledge on the management of intra-abdominal sepsis as well as basic knowledge on modern strategies in the treatment of common surgical emergencies. Finally the participants will acquire tools to manage and be involved in the treatment of the surgical patient in the surgical ICU.

R.I.S. Research in Surgery Chiar F Abu Zidan

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