World Congress of the Abdominal Compartment Society

June 15-18, 2017 in Banff, Alberta.

The World Society of Emergency Surgery will be endorsing the World Congress of the Abdominal Compartment Society June 15-18 in Banff, Alberta (Canada).
Abstracts Submission is now available and there will be an Internationally Recognized panel of expert speakers discussing all aspects of the science and management of conditions related to the Abdominal Compartment. This is of interest to Intensivists managing abdominal diseases in the ICU including but not limited to Intra-abdominal hypertension, and to acute care and reconstructive abdominal wall specialists dealing with all manner of acute general surgery and complex hernia surgery.
Here the letter about presence of the World Survey on Intra-abdominal Hypertension (IAH) and Abdominal Compartment Syndrome (ACS).
Further,both the Presidents of the WSES and the WSAC will be discussing the special relationship between the WSAC and the WSES and cooperative plans for future research

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